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This is how your medical center's branded TV looks like:
Do you already have TVs running on the same network?
They can be connected to a single network using one of 4 methods. In any case, we already have a technical solution to connect your TV to any network quickly and simply.
RCA Connector
Use our video channels to make
your branded TV unique
Choose from 80+ hours of video in 4 categories
How long does it take to create and launch your TV?
14 days
We provide everything to start the broadcast "right out of the box." We just need your ad material and logo.

The launch speed depends on the existing number of video and photo materials as well as social media accounts.

The Control Unit requires a power socket, an Internet connection (Wi Fi/LAN) and wiring for connection to TV sets.
Workflow diagram
Preparation of the TV listing
Unit dispatch
Connecting the equipment
Technical support
In total we distinguish 6 basic stages. You can opt out of the diagnostic phase if you can give us complete information about your network.
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