Entertain you guests with TV chanells without irritating ads

10 streaming channels
120 hours of well-prepared videos
Create your custom TV channel
We start you channel in 15 minues. No credit card required.
Atmosphere TV channels are real alternative
With no deductions in PROs. With a monthly update. License agreement.
Atmosphere channels
Regular channels
Operate in a sound-free event
Contain inappropriate information
Every guests prefer it's own channel
Do not distract from conversation and food
Contain customized videos and music
Entertain successively
Channels for every business
Our plan includes 5 TV channels tailored for different venues
Food TV
Only spectacular food filming
Cafe TV
Travel, sports and food filming
For dining rooms, cafes, restaurants
For cafes, food courts, burger
Travel TV
Lots of travel and beautiful nature
Luxury TV
Lavish lifestyle, fashion and nature filming
For hotels and medical centers
For restaurants and golf clubs
Food TV
Only spectacular food filming
For dining rooms, cafes, restaurants
Cafe TV
Travel, sports and food filming
For cafes, food courts, burger
Travel TV
Lots of travel and beautiful nature
For hotels and medical centers
Luxury TV
Lavish lifestyle, fashion and nature filming
For restaurants and golf clubs
With background sound
Based on estimates of an additional sales increase in various industries: hospitality industry, retail, property development
Use free TV set-top box for broadcasting
Eggs TV set-top box
for 1 or 1000 TV screens
automatically reconnects
manage quality of broadcasting
Including shipping and activation *
HDMI cable
IPTV set-top box
Power supply unit
Remote control
Download the app for your platform:
*available not for in all regions, please ask for details
Or create custom TV channel with your ads
Manage it remotely from any computer in 3 clicks
Upload your files
Upload your ad
Advertise suppliers
Hit shows
Films and TV shows
YouTube videos
Event video reports
$120 / month per location
Upload your files:
Promotions and special offers
Event advertisement
Event reports
$120 / month per location
Upload your ads:
Alcohol brands
Vehicle brands
Real estate properties
Travel/tour packages
$120 / month per location
Advertise suppliers:
20 Gigabytes
120 hours of videos
200 screens
For your photos and videos. Any formats and resolution.
Covering eight topics: Food & Drink, Travel, etc.
Use any amount of TV screens in location
What 5 TV channels do you offer? Where to watch them?
We offer 10 atmosphere TV channels for cafes, sports bars, fitness clubs, waiting areas for clinics, etc. Channel trailers are available on our site just above.
Do you offer regular TV channels? We would love to show matches or cartoons
Unfortunately, we currently do not provide access to regular TV channels on our platform. However, you can create your own custom channel, where you can upload your own choice of audio and video files.
How many videos are available in your channels? How often do you update your content?
Each atmosphere channel is three hours long. The background music plays for a totals of nine hours. The videos and music repeat after each cycle. The content is updated once a month.
Can I throw my own ads in your TV channels?
Unfortunately, you can not. But you can create your own custom channel and upload everything you want. We have created the special plan for allowing you to create custom TV channel.
How do I upload my ads remotely?
You can upload your ads using our personal account (up to 20 GBs). You get access to your personal account upon registration. Our content-manager will send you all your details.
Is there a special team that can help me with technical issues?
We have summarized and put together all the answers to technical questions into one Knowledge Base. Available at https://support.eggstv.io/. You may also write our support team at support@eggstv.io directly, and we will gladly assist you
Do you have any questions? Press the button!
We work more than 5 years in Europe and in the US. For sure we have all answers regarding custom TV channels.
$50/mon per location
720p HD quality
for any TV, computer
start your 7-days-trial now
During trial period set-top boxes and social media integrations
are not provided
5 atmosphere TV channels, ?
1 custom TV channel, ?
120+ hours of videos, ?
Show your social feeds, ?
Dedicated content-manager, ?
API integrations, ?
Free set-top box, ?
Choose from pre-configured 5 TV channels with ambient videos. Change channels at any time during the subscription period.
We provide one free streaming device for one location (on demand).
Create your custom HD channel, 20 GB for your photos and videos available, manage it via personal account, brand our videos with your logo, enjoy unlimited traffic.
Use 2500+ videos from 8 topics to fill in your channel: Food & Drinks, Travel, Extreme, Power, Enjoy, Luxury, Seasons and Fashion.
Upload your files without restrictions in formats and sizes, from any computer. Choose a frequency of your files and the rest is done automatically.
Post posts from your accounts on the social networks In / Fb / Tw on your TV channel online
Manage your TV channel via personal assistant and WhatsApp.
Use custom TV portal to select a channel directly from the remote control on TVs.
Automate routine processes by uploading data on your TV channel from your website, file server or third-party resources (weather, traffic jams, exchange rates)