Connection via social media ?
IN, FB, TW etc.
Easy management ?
Via Personal Account or WhatsApp
Equipment and software ?
To connect your TV
Access to 80+ hours of videos ?
With a monthly renewal option
Tech support ?
Phone, email, messengers
Channel branding ?
Your logo, screen saver and etc.
What is included:
Price per 1 venue: $199
Choose number of venues:
Overall: $796 $750
Tech support ?
Phone, email, messengers
Connection via social media ?
VK, IN, FB, TW etc.
Price per 1 venue: $100
Choose number of venues:
Overall: $796 $750
Choose advanced options:
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Choose number of venues:

Price per 1 venue:
Overall, mon: ?


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videochannels every month
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ways to connect to screens
satisfied customers in the USA and Europe
A package for those who is searching for an easy way to manage their own videos and ads on any screen.
This package allows to easily manage your content in venues and satisfy your guest with fascinating videos
The package includes, easy-management options, videos and interactive functions such as broadcasting your social feeds from IN, TW. FB.
We provide you with 80+ hours of videos in 8 topics: from Nature to Sport. We add 2-3 new hours of video monthly upon the requests of our clients. All channels are available under one subscription.
You can contact us 24/7 using the phone, email or via messengers.
We send you Eggs TV' Control Box with pre-installed Digital Signage system. It allows you to launch you TV for 15 minutes without any additional support from IT.
The whole broadcasting will be branded with your personal style, logo and screen saver.
You can manage your branded TV channel via personal account or content manager. Our specialist will help you to adjust the broadcasting and will adapt all your files for it. She (or he) will available via messengers, email and phone.
We connect your accounts and groups in social media to motivate your visitors to leave good comments and discuss your brand in the web.
What is branded TV? How is it different from regular TV?
You can embed your ad in branded TV and build a unique schedule using our video and your ad. Although, you will be able to manage the channel through your personal account or via WhatsApp/WeChat/Telegram.
What is included in the branded TV connection kit?
Control Box, HDMI wire, Digital Signage license and access to 80+ hours of entertainment videos.
What video material do you provide? Is it legitimate?
In total, there are more than 80 hours of different videos in 8 themes on our video hosting site (plus we add 2-3 hours of new videos every month). Every venue receives a license agreement from us and
according to it we transfer the rights to show our video publicly. This help to avoids problems with authors and organizations, which protect their rights.
Can I sell advertising on my branded TV channel? How much I can earn?
As a owner of branded TV channel you can sell ads to your suppliers and partners. You don't need to share money with us. As a service we will provide your advertiser with tools to remotely watch at your TV channel from any device and send them reports with confirmation than their ads were shown properly.
How many TVs I am able to connect in one venue? What network is needed?
You can connect any number of TV screens to one Control Unit - 1 or 200. The more TV screens will be connected to your channel, the more advertising effect your ads will take. To connect any number of screens you can use: HDMI cables, ethernet and even coaxial. As a service we will advice you the best option for your particular case.
How long does the connection process take?
The maximum period is 14 days from the date of payment.
In which cities is it possible to connect?
You can choose any city.
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