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Connect TV screens in venues and sell ads without technical background and zero monthly fees!
* DOOH refers to Digital-Out-Of-Home market, which is a dynamic (video, foto) commercials at the streets, venues, stadiums etc
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4-step guideline to be a DOOH publisher and grow your business with us
1. Sign up an exclusive agreement
Defend your market signing with us an exclusive agreement to develop your regional TV network
2. Prepare compatible streaming devices
To create your network you need to provide us with compatible streaming boxes or buy if grom us
3. Provide venues with free ambient TV
Let venues in your region to entertain customers with tailored videos and background music
4. Plug in and sell ads
Plug in once and sell ads to retail, real estate, automotive and other local DOOH advertisers
Ready-made platform for Indoor ads
No need of
technical background
Two ways
for monetization
What you will get from partnership in summary?
Web-broadcasting for double proof
Easy-to-use management
Personal manager and dedicated support
Software, 10 configured HD channels,
100+ hours of videos for venues
Sell ads or receive payments for
ad placement from us (SSP)
Use knowledge of local market to succeed - leave tech support to us
Provide advertisers with web broadcasting of TV channels with their ads
Receive support in local language via WhatsApp/Telegram/WeChat
Stop managing playlists - set up and sell your ads by frequency
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It's a document which we sign we you and it contains T&C for your regions
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Car dealers
Alcohol manufacturers
Real estate developers
Who are interested to buy ads in venues?
Mobile operators
Tour agencies
Indoor DOOH is a dynamic and powerful tool to promote new cars and offers
Allow developers to show all the best in their flats due to long ad contact
Help to Increase sales of drinks in places of consumption: venues and retail
Provide event-makers a proven channel to inform people and sell tickets
Advertise new tours and directions to visitors of cafes, fitness clubs, medical clinics etc
Promote new plans and limited offers from local mobile operators
Watch TV channel one of our partner online
Press the button to watch TV channel
You just need a streaming boxes to get on-board
Eggs TV streaming box
— change TV channels via remote control
— sound available via HDMI or jack 3,5
— with autostart
$79 (FOT)
Frequently asked questions
Why venues are interested to broadcast Eggs TV's TV channels at their screens?
For venues we provide ambient TV channels with background music for free. Using our product they aren't need to pay for expensive TV services or to performance rights organisations (PROs). In US for example it will be BMI, SESAC, GMR, or ASCA - the same exist at other countries. We help to avoid costs and entertain customers - that's why we are interesting for small and medium business (SMBs).
Do you have technical requirements to start broadcasting?
No, there are know special requirements. You need to have a TV with HDMI input, electricity and internet (Wi-Fi, LAN or cellular). More data about technical side you may find our Knowledge Base at,
Will venues be able to put their ads in the broadcasting?
No, the won't be able to do that. If they need to promote their goods, they have to upgrade their plan from Free to Basic or Business. If they upgrade, we pay you 10% from all their payments until they cancel subscription.
Who will be responsible for programming schedule at TV channels in my regions?
For every region we create unique mix of ambient TV channels, taking into account local traditions and culture. Anyway, content manager on our side is responsible for program scheduling. As a publisher, you just put you ad in the stream with desired frequency (for example "1 impression per hour" or "1 impression per 30 minutes". In both cases, the more impressions you sell, the more money you get.
How much does it costs to put my ads in the TV channels I connected? Is it free?
No, it's not free. We working with publishers using affiliate program. According to it, If you attract an advertiser, you pay 30% from revenue to us, if we attract an advertiser we pay 30% from income to you. That's revenue sharing business model.
Can someone else put ads at TV screens I connected?
No, it's not possible. As we sign an exclusive affiliate agreement in your region with you, no one can put ads in the program schedule on TV screens you connected. Only we and you can manage commercials.
Can I hire another agency to resell advertising on TV screens I connected?
Sure, it's up to you.
Can I trust you using affiliate agreement?
Of course. In order to make process of ad selling transparent for both sides, we going to create a personal account for publishers where you can see how much impressions we sold, how much they cost and how much you earn eventually.
What are main benefits of you affiliate business agreement?
Well, firstly, as we negotiate a revenue sharing business model, you don't have any monthly expenses at all. You also don't need to hire technical or IT stuff, rent an office. Secondly, you receive 30% of all ads, purchased on TV screens you connected without any efforts from you side. Thirdly, you don't have any legal risks with authors of audio/video content as using our service venues by themselves accept our End-User License Agreement (EULA), allowing them to publicly broadcast our TV channels in their venues.
If we share ad income it means we are a competitors in terms of advertisers?
Not really. We work with with big advertisers via DSP platforms, who concern about huge number of impressions and numerous ad campaigns. On the other hand, your clients are from your region, concerning about regional traffic.
Does your affiliate agreement mean that you will pay me for your advertising from the first day?
No. To make your region interesting for big ad agencies we need to provide them with large number of impressions, which is in most cases are 10 mln per month or equal. So, from the first day you will be able to sell ads to your regional customers and when we will have an critical number of impressions we will be able to start selling by ourselves.
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