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Branded TV is a full-fledged TV channel of an establishment where you can create your own TV listing from special videos, add some advertisements and a brand with your logo. We provide the equipment and technical support.
We set up branded TV for establishments
Branded TV
Regular TV
Great for sports broadcasts and music videos. But the rest of the time it is on mute, displaying annoying ads.
Created to constantly delight guests and boost sales. Consists of background video, venue advertising, its logo and social networks.
Our services are easy to sell
All videos are licensed
We provide ready-made products
We are regional leaders. We have been working in 22 regions of the world since 2014.
We have gathered more than 80 hours of licensed video, protected from copyright issues, author societies.
We take all the responsibilities connected with TV screens at venues off our clients' hands.
Why is collaborating with us beneficial to the client?
Better visitor reviews
Venue sales boost
Extra ad revenue
No pushy ads on the screens! The client displays the videos that carter specifically to the audience.
We help our clients run their ads with due regard to the frequency and time of placement.
Our clients can sell ad space on their TVs to partners and suppliers.
Why are our clients interested?
Our collaboration mechanism
We get acquainted with you
Get you connected with your clients
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the payment
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$10-20 per month
$15-30 per month
$20-40 per month
For choosing the "Basic" package
For choosing the "Main" package
For choosing the "Interactive" package
How much will you get from the client?
An example of how your revenue is calculated
You signed a contract in January and attracted 5 clients. In February, you attracted 8 more clients, and in March – 7 clients. In all the other months, you were attracting 5 clients monthly.
Here is your monthly revenue:
January - $50
February - $130
March - $200
April - $250
May - $300
June - $350
July - $400
August - $450
September - $500
October - $550
November - $600
December - $650
* all revenue calculations were made based on the example of the "Basic" package with a premium of $10
Frequently asked questions
What is the contract form of cooperation?
We sign a contract with your legal body or self-employed entrepreneur agent act according to which we remit monthly award for the whole time of using branded TV. An average term of contract is 24 moths.
What is the difference which package to choose?
The packages for 4000 and 8000 rub/month clients gets the whole complex of equipment and you wouldn't need to buy and set anything extra. You get a ready to go solution.

In the package for 12000 rub/month client pays in addition for ground technical support. We compensate for all attendances to a venue of your client.

When working with clients on the third package we keep at your disposition a certain amount of equipment needed for a quick change in case of control panel breakdown.
What equipment will the client get for free?
Control panel of branded TV (Intel Atom I5, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD), line adapter (5V,3A), HDMI cable, HDMI-RCA converter.
Do you assign branded TV channels to partners?
Yes, each partner is assigned with a certain branded TV channel. All channel are separated by unique MAC addresses. In case of another partner addressing to connect this spot they will be denied in licence activation.
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