Background video for
the restaurant and fitness-club. What? Where? And foк what purposes?
by Edward Kevbrin - CEO of Eggs TV

Background video for the restaurant and fitness-club

Do you know exactly what your customers are paying for? If you have a restaurant, then you will say: "For delicious meals", if you have a fitness-club or a medical center, then probably: "For a relief body and excellent health". That's right, we all buy the result. But it's worth to walk in the client's shoes and it's immediately becomes clear - the result should be, but it is not the basis for the survival of your business. Everyone cooks food and installs equipment, exercise machines. And everything that you can offer beyond the result, exceeding the customer's expectations, will be a competitive advantage. Including the background video. Let's see what kind of video can be used and where it can be downloaded.
Three sources of good video
Video hosting services
The most popular way is to find video on hosting. The best places to search are YouTUBE and Vimeo. The first specializes in the number of videos, the second one in the quality of video. Of course, if you want a good video, you'll have to download and process a lot.
Production studio
The second most popular - video production companies. Their work is measured in man/hours, but the quality is always excellent. It can be even a person with a camera or a whole team.
Licensing agencies
The third most popular companies are dealing with copyrights, not video. If you want to show the "Ural pelmeni" show, a movie or cartoons on your screens - these are as good as you can get. Agencies will grant you the right to public showing the video for a month or a year. It's all legal.
9 main themes
Wherever you take a video, you need to select the themes. With creating branded TV for many customers, we've studied the audience and themes. The most popular you can see in my post, and their trailers on our YouTube channel.
Hectic life life of megacities
Strengthens the status of premium places
Tempting dishes
Raises the appetite of cafe's visitors
Strength of mind and fitness
Excellent motivation for fitness fans
Sophisticated style and fashion
Highlights the refined atmosphere
Intact nature
Excellent relaxing video
Exotic travels
Everything that guests won't see outside the window
Warm friendship and relationships
Suitable for family and friendly places
Extreme expensive sports
Video for a young and active audience
Amazing performances
Video about science and technology achievements
Copyrights and Russian
"What if"
Always remember about the author of the video and his remuneration. Whatever you do in your business place, you'll be showing the video exactly for commercial purposes. To secure the rights for public showing, you need to sign a license agreement. If you order a video from the producer, then specify the party of the agreement to which the rights of use the video are transferred. If you work with an ordinary person with a camera, then ask him for written consent. In general, this issue is not relevant in Russia and is just often forgotten about it. This is because, it's always easier just to download the video and put it in playback. But it's important to understand who is the copyright holder and take into account the size of your chain. The bigger your chain, then the bigger the penalty and then stronger the reason to note the fact of translation on the video camera and file a charge against you. What is the most interesting, in Russia, the violation of copyright according to the Article 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, in the case of a particularly large violation, the head of the enterprise may be sentenced for up to 6 years imprisonment.
Free video
We don't provide a free video. We're creating television. But for each video channel we make introductory content - it's 1.5 minutes of the most delicious and bright moments from the hour channel. As for me, I really like watching every trailer. In combination with music, it creates the right mood and helps to relax. For those who are looking for a good video, we prepare separate trailers, which can be fully downloaded and broadcast in your business place. As authors, we don't mind. All videos are posted here, and you can download them using a very useful service.