Best Types of Entertainment Videos and Music
to Improve the Ambience of Your Business
by Edward Kevbrin - CEO of Eggs TV

Branded TV channels to strengthen brand of restaurant chain

Background videos and music can really set the mood for a venue, whether it's a restaurant, bar, sports club—you name it. A lot of businesses nowadays are turning to digital screens to provide extra entertainment for customers and clients. This might include titillating videos of signature dishes being prepared, or adventurous videos to get the blood flowing. They could also be simply to entertain guests and customers, such as Pay-Per-View events or sports.

Whatever the purpose may be as it applies to your business, adding or making new use of your existing television screens can enhance your place of business in a positive way that customers will definitely notice. And as you already know, the happier customers are to spend time in your store or venue, the more likely they are to make purchases, and come back next time.

With that said, here are some great examples of content that can be played at various kinds of venues to entertain and/or entice customers.
Most customers who walk into a café just want a drink, but many of those customers may have been upsold by seeing footage of delicious food being prepared on a realistic full HD display. Videos like the above are not only fun to watch, they can make customers' mouth water—something that cafes should certainly try to do in order to make more sales and yield more from each customer.
On the same note as with Cafes, restaurants are all about pleasing the senses—only it's not just the aroma of coffee that will be in the air. Most restaurants have a diverse menu, so deciding what to order can sometimes be overwhelming. This could even lead to certain customers ordering something very basic, like an appetizer or salad because they couldn't decide what entrée to order.
Ambient videos of a professional chef at work could make the difference between a customer ordering something quick and simple and them ordering the works though. In fact, hungry patrons will get excited at the sight of a juicy sirloin being tossed in the air, or a beautiful NY style pizza being slid into the oven—and order even more.
Sports Bars
It goes without saying that sports bars and digital screens go hand in hand nowadays. Venues can show UFC fights, NBA games, or any other sporting event, whether it's on cable TV or PPV by using the same provider that offers ambient background videos. This will make the bar twice as interesting with something going on across screens all over the room, even when there isn't a major game on.
Hookah Lounges
Hookah lounges, also called hookah bars, have become popular in major cities all over the world. It's important to keep customers entertained while they relax and smoke. One way to do this is with an ambient video playlist, like the one above.
Video Content for Each Type of Venue
The above are just few examples of how venues can improve the atmosphere they provide for their clients. Also offered are channels for:

A Closer Look at the Benefits of Using Ambient Videos

Although these types of background video channels aren't customized, they play for a length of three hours—much longer than the average customer stays. That way, customers won't see looping content. Only fresh, interesting videos—without making payments to copyright owners— that keep them watching as they shop, eat, drink, or relax. And best of all, entirely new content is provided once a month for any of the channels we provide.
How it Works
To become a user, all you need to do is upload and install the Eggs.TV app for either Android, Apple, Roku, or Amazon Fire and register for services. If you're located in one of the areas that we provide services to, (comprehensive list available during registration process) you can start using our videos immediately after signing up.

For venues that are interested in creating their own custom TV channels, all you have to do is upgrade from the Basic plan, which is free, to the Business or Corporate plan. You can then add your own video footage, or for corporate users, a dedicated content management assistant will be provided with your account.

Here's an example of some of the content we provided for one of our many satisfied corporate users, Marriott:
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