What is a branded TV?

What is the difference from Digital Signage?
It is early candle-light. Guests start coming to your restaurant. They come to relax, have a rest, forget about the bump and grind of everyday life and enjoy the dishes. Of course, they want to drink cocktails in small sips, to have a leisurely conversations and to spend time with a good mood. Your waiters try to serve the guests as best as they can to make a good expression and to get hefty tip. Chefs prepare excellent, masterful and mouthwatering dishes. The interior is perfect, the tablecloths are fresh and clean, and there is a special atmosphere peculiar only to this place.

The music is playing, on the screens your branded TV channel – atmospheric video take turns with a dynamic menu advertisement, with your promotions and offers. Guests from time to time look at the screens and sometimes call the waiter to order what they saw in passing. Everything happens naturally, inconspicuously and calmly. Your business is in no hurry. Average customer's checks are increasing and the restaurant is getting extra profit. This is our course of events. What's yours?
Respect yourself — respect your customer
Hidden reefs of «raw»
Digital Signage systems
Here is bad luck: most companies provide only a variety of content management systems via the Internet (the so-called Digital Signage systems). In fact, they pass screens control to the customers, in other words, to you. Even if it's the easiest of all the simplest control systems — it is extremely uncomfortable, hard, takes time, nerves, in general, these are just unnecessary worries.

Would you be able, for example, to choose the right software? Could you find and connect the necessary hardware? Will it be possible for you to edit/convert videos and pictures in the right format? And if it's not working - will you figure out why there is no picture, the video disappears, there is no sound, the wrong frequency, it's not switch on, not update, there is no internet, etc. And finally, can you plan and adjust the schedule for showing of about 500 videos?

We do not even ask about complex settings. For example, upload a logo above the video or connect social networks, etc.

And if you have nothing to show, do you need a control system then? And the last question: Do you really need this pain in the neck? You will get tired of contacting programmers with requests and complaints. And anyway, it's not their job. And you want a minimum of effort and maximum of pay-off..
There is a way out. Control of your branded TV channel can be simple.
What we offer:
A full-featured TV channel with your own logo of your restaurant;
Exclusive high-quality video from around the world, prepared
specifically for the restaurant;
Central office online for managing the broadcasting of all your
places simultaneously;
Content manager assigned to you, who responsible for all the broadcasts (call or write on WhatsApp of your content manager for any questions, she will solve everything within 5-8 minutes);
Connected social networks VK, IN, FB, TW – display any post at any time on your screens and increase the popularity of your business;
Technical support, working on phone calls in 8 cities of Russia (in other cities there is a free replacement of equipment in case of failure);
Individual unique design.
We have found the best way
to manage screens and increase the income of businesses — it is a branded TV channel. Now, every business has a real opportunity to create its own program schedule and get communication with its customers on the right track.
Edward Kevbrin, CEO Eggs TV
What do you get upon integrating your branded television
by Eggs TV?
  • Additional income from placing your menu, promotions and offers, as well as advertising
  • Memorability of your place – your branded TV channel will work for you: your logo, social networks and atmosphere - everything will remain in the customer's mind.
  • Easy control of the entire system via WhatsApp,

The guests are audience of viewers, and they see on the screens the filling of your place, its atmosphere, style, flavor. And if your TV shows nonsense, the what should they expect on a plate?
And what do you feed the minds of your visitors through TV?