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With branded TV, you get access to 80+ hours of great video with just one click
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Do you need a background video? Get ours!
We offer customized hourly video channels designed to lengthen the time your customers are exposed to your ads on the screens at restaurants, fitness clubs, auto centers. etc.
Average service level rating by our clients' visitors
The time of exposure to ads with our video on the screens increases
Our clients' expenses for shooting and selecting great video
More than 80 hours of licensed video for every taste
Food and drinks
Fitness and sport
Tourism and fun
Fashion and luxury
Our video is highly customized for business
One channel equals one hour
One video channel equals 20 video clips,
each running 3 minutes for a total of 60 minutes
Option for public display
With us, you are protected from copyright
issues, authors societies
You can insert your ad
You can cut into our video and run
ads in-between videos
One subscription
covering all videos

A subscription gives you access to our
video library with a monthly renewal
No adjustments needed
The video is automatically uploaded
to the equipment provided
Convenient control
You can change the video in your personal
account or via the content manager
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Edward Kevbrin, CEO of Eggs TV
If you have any questions we can make a consultations. It is
led by CEO of Eggs TV Edward Kevbrin.