Manage your screens and strengthen your brand anywhere

Branded TV will help to maintain the quality of service, regardless of the franchisee
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Your brand is your strength
Strengthen your brand using point-of-sale screens and you own TV channel
Manage screens
from headquarters
You can remotely upload new content on franchisee screens worldwide
Protect your brand
from lawsuits
We provide license rights for public broadcasting to your franchisee
Support with
Upload promotions and special offers directly on franchisee screens
Your branded channel
Regular channel
Mute videos
Pushy ads
Annoying info
Special-effect videos
Venue advertisement
Branded TV is an alternative to regular channels
Posts from social media
TGI Fridays TV is a great example of branded TV
All videos on the screens are managed from HQ. All the menus on the screens at each outlet are with different prices depending on the franchisee region
Simple video and ads
Online feeds from
Instagram accounts
Special engagement videos
Posts from local and global Instagram accounts are shown on TV. Each franchisee may have
its own local account
for promotion
We provide franchisee with interesting videos for their auditory. For broadcasting we chosen videos from Extreme, Food and Drink
and Seasons categories
Benefits for the franchisor
Always up-to-date menu,
video and advertising
You and your franchisees will be able to independently update your branded TV channel's online. You can also store and transfer videos for your screens using our servers for free.
One channel, but different
program schedule
Each franchisee will be able to add its own advertisements specific to a region or location to a TV broadcast at its venue. You can also easily add your ads selectively as per the outlets or the entire network.

Unified personal content manager for the entire network
We assign one content manager per brand. This helps to avoid confusion in the settings of the channel and local programs schedule, since all issues are solved in "one window".
We help your franchisee grow faster
All turnkey
We provide the franchisee with a full start-up kit: hardware, software and video.
Local maintenance
We go to the franchisee's location to resolve technical issues in 22 cities around the world.

Easy controls
You control the TV channel together with franchisee based on the access rights you grant.
Free video storage
We store and transfer your video between franchisee outlets for free.
Any region in the world
We deliver the broadcasting equipment set right to your door in any city in the US.

Remote viewing
We provide online TV-channel remote viewing using any device.

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Edward Kevbrin, CEO of Eggs TV
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led by CEO of Eggs TV Edward Kevbrin.
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