Menu boards
without extra charge
by Edward Kevbrin - CEO of Eggs TV

Menu boards without extra charge

Television became ingrained in our everyday lives becoming an indispensable attribute of modern reality. Nowadays TV sets can be found almost everywhere: in the shops, cafes, supermarkets, business centers, sport, culture and entertainment establishments. Even restaurants succumb to a popular trend and now have LED large-screen TV sets. These TV sets just stand idly as a decoration for the interior. Meanwhile the leaders of the catering industry have it all different. Even McDonald's have placed menu boards everywhere - they are huge TV panels where you can see promotional content with dynamic visualisation. According to Nielsen company data three out of four visitors pay attention to animation and video. Promotional materials on menu board have higher conversion which is substantially higher than common static advertisement. This article was prepared for people who want to keep up with times but who doesn't want to invest large sums of money for expensive menu boards.
Digital revolution
in catering business
Menu board is an electronic analogue of common menu in a restaurant or food-court when visitors see delicious and juicy images in artistic performance on the screen. Digital menu boards became an innovative solution. The Digital Signane technology helps visitors to learn about special, new products, presentations. It's worth mentioning a high loyalty of clients who don't have to wait for a waiter to take their order.

The visitors' attention is easily concentrated on new product or interesting price quote with a limited timespan. Video clips made by masters of TV advertisement will show the dishes in the restaurant in the most favorable light and help to make an attractive offer which will be difficult to refuse. Colourful images moving on the screen and photos following each other make people want to order.

Turned on TV panel creates a special atmosphere which is naturally connected with the specific character of the restaurant. The images of ready dishes on the LED screens are complemented with the information about the ingredients and the price. New technologies improves cooperation of the venue with its clients and the notorious human factor is minimized. Fastidious marketing experts learnt that after watching digital advertisement every fifth customer concludes a purchase.

Nevertheless, there is one essential objection. Even the simplest board will cost you 80 000 rubles at least. And its payout period will take not less than 1 year. Not every venue is financially ready to buy a new video screen. Meanwhile there is an easy decision which is to use standard TV sets and screens which are set on walls. Basic LCD panel with no large investments almost without any alteration turns into advertisement menu board with selling properties. Now it's not a common TV set on the wall to entertain customers. It's an opportunity for broadcasting of branded TV channel. This is a powerful marketing tool set to raise an average price range of check which is a factor venue's profitability depends on.

This is how a digital menu on the screens of the venue looks like.
How the menu boards are served

The construction of a menu board is fairly simple. Professional LED panel is joined with Digital Signane system which is installed and set for specific purposes of the client. For example, video clips display, your branded TV channel directing, many various marketing and advertising campaigns of the restaurant itself as well as for its business partners, suppliers and contractors. Special software is also enclosed.
Its purpose:

  • Replacement of positions in menu — lets you change information about prices, assortment range, special dished via remote control access.
  • Creation of multi screen — visible part of the screen is separated into several working zones to place various positions of the menu simultaneously.
  • Private video marketing — video presentations, specials for clients, display of new products, previews of future events, secrets of original cuisine.
  • Adding important informations — to follow the rules of FCA about required disclosure of information about ingredients.
Menu boards vs placements
Restaurant keepers can have an obvious question: will innovative menu boards really replace every day printed placements? Of course, not. New style of data demonstration will be a colorful addition to a printed wine list. It's physically impossible to place out-sized screens in all spots where one would like to show advertisement. Electronic menu boards for restaurants with digital signane technology will be useful for creation of dynamic screen with bright and lively image.

Classical ready to go menu boards like at McDonald's are considerable investments into developing of your business. To initial investments when you need to buy and then set the equipment will soon be added constant attendance expenses. And not every restaurant chain is able to bear extra expenses. A question appears: how can we replace visual menu boards?
We offer to
We will help to turn any TV set or local network of several TV screens into advertising menu boards with the help of branded TV.

  • We will set "key ready" equipment package: control panel, pre-installed software, great background video. From your side we will need just any TV set and a menu model.
  • You will have your personal advisor for directing your branded TV. You will also be able to make changes in programme schedule via personal account.
  • Technical risks are reduced to zero. In case of equipment malfunction we will replace it free of charge.

You don't need to change communications or replace TV panels. Just connect TV sets to our equipment. Then we are creating a slot and dividing screens to separate zones. In these zones visitors of your venue will see colorful photos, live animation and video clips with dishes. Size and number of zones are chosen at the moment of connection. When the adjustment of digital menu board is completed, for every slot a frequency of showing is set. It may be either one minute or the whole day.

Unlike our rivals our product is quality service for creation of TV channel with amazing opportunities where your menu is a part of the programme schedule. Aside from menu, on TV sets will be shown interesting video clips which won't let your visitors to get bored.
Additional features
What can you do if TV screens are already placed in the restaurant and aside from the menu you want to show own-produced video clips or exciting atmospheric video? That's where branded TV can help you - a solution that earned respect of restaurant-keepers from 22 regions of RF. We gained our experience in placement of the menu on air of branded TV while preparing TV channel for a restaurant "Black Star" on Novy Arbat Street. Instead of standard menu we created an original video file where positive video clips from social media merged with native advertising and conceptual ideas shape dreams, excite imagination and create a tempting mood. Have a look at our result.