TOP 10
by Edward Kevbrin - CEO of Eggs TV
reasons for advertising on
branded TV channel

TOP 10 reasons for advertising on
branded TV channel

One of the main advantages of branded TV channel is free advertising time, which can be used by each customer at its own discretion. In this post we publish research data on all our customers over the past two years about what kind of ads they place on their TV channels. And for what purpose. All promotional materials are grouped into a rating, where the most popular solutions occupy the first lines.

Only real commercial materials of Eggs TV customers are used in this post. All of them are available for watching on TV channels in the business places themselves.

General information
Tenth place undoubtedly belongs to the general information. Change the scale of bonuses or the closure of business places for the repair - all of this is placed with us. In our situation, it is as good as posting on the website, where the information is viewed only by the target public, but the image quality, especially for old TVs, is quite low and it's just impossible to read a lot of information there displayed on. Therefore, such video is almost not found in our network.
Something that will stick in visitor's memory
On the ninth place there are photos and videos that exactly will stand out in the memory of a visitor. We focus on the details of the interior, or talk about the the brand's history. Personally, for example, I really enjoy the servicing of visitors at the restaurant "SiberiaSiberia", where cooked not only remarkable dishes of Russian cuisine, but also there is a show of a good videos for the foreign persons, which tell about traditional Russian dishes and products. Take a look for yourself.
Advertising of a new outlet
Most of our customers have a few business places and promotion of each new project is much easier with the use of branded TV channel. It's simple thing - if the visitors came to one of your business places and they really enjoyed your service, then most likely they will gladly come to another of your outlets. Eighth place - cross-promotion of your business places.
Website and app promotion
Seventh place belongs to everything that makes our customers closer to their visitors. Advertising your website, applications and even bots in Telegram/Whatsapp - it is quite common in our business. When leaving, the customer must have the opportunity (and desire) to come back. For the last year, the content of this method has gained popularity. Perhaps this is because many businesses today are already concentrating on communication with their potential customer, and not just on single-unit sales.
New offers
A little bit more often there is advertising of a new services and menus. Indeed, if visitors come to you for a certain service, then you must definitely offer something extra. It should be noted that along with the channel, our customers also use traditional approaches of promoting new services: table tents, posters and even ads. It's hard to tell what is more efficient, but we are sure that the placement on your branded channel is free, and paper print costs money and moreover of significant efforts. Sixth place - new products.
Seasonal promotions
The last place in the top five is occupied by seasonal promotions. As I mentioned above, the promotion of everything new is usually costs money. In the case of seasonal or targeted offers, the situation becomes more complicated by the need to track periods. In particular, the "seasonal factor" is forgotten to take into account (and by the way, it is the "human factor"). Therefore, on a branded TV channel, we help to plan the show in advance, setting the dates for the start of broadcasts, and save advertising in your personal account for the next season. Supposedly, the simplification of control led to an increase in the number of seasonal advertising.
Promotion of events
On the fourth place is advertising of various "internal" events. Events, in general, are quite an effective way to communicate with the audience, and branded TV channel is a free way to quickly gather people in one place. Such advertising gives a clear and measurable result in the number of participants and sales, so, probably, this is not much better than the popularity of seasonal offers.
Dynamic menu
What is the size of your menu? Or a list of services? If it has a large size and good-looking, then making changes to it is very expensive. But even if you make changes, they should be properly highlighted so that the visitor will pay attention to them. In order not to engage in unnecessary work, our customers prefer to use the TV channel to place a menu or a list of services. It saves your time, money and efforts, and everything is visible to the buyer right in front of him in high quality on the big screen. We, in turn, adapt the design layouts of our customers for placement on the TV channel. It should be noted that in our case, in contrast to different "electronic menus and manuals", the visitor still communicates with the waiter, advisor or representative of your company and only then makes his choice. The third place is taken by the electronic price list.
Discounts and promotions
The silver medalists of our TOP-list are discounts and promotions. It is necessary to place quickly, for a short term, and at the same time carefully focus on specific sales points or regions. One of the best ways to stimulate the demand for additional services is not just talking about the service or showing the result, but offering a real cost-cutting "right here, right now." It is difficult to argue with the fact that there are not enough discounts and promotions around, but nevertheless, they remain as a real sales engine, which should be kept in mind.
Advertising of media partners
An unexpected winner of our top-list is the advertising of media partners, which takes almost 30% of advertising time on TV channels of our customers. The fact is that one TV channel may include many partners, and the frequency of showing their videos is often much higher than the frequency of advertising of the business place itself. In fact, the media partnership allows our clients to get advertising time on well-known media on a mutually beneficial basis. As matter of fact, we are talking about trade barter: partners place ads on the TV channel of our customer, and the business place advertises on the radio/on-air TV channel. In terms of money, cross-promotion helps attract new visitors with minimal cost for one contact with the visitor, which, in times of commercial crisis, seems to be one of the most convenient commercial channel. Of course, not all customers have media partners, but where they are present, they are given special time and attention.