potential advertisers
on a your branded TV channel
by Edward Kevbrin - CEO of Eggs TV

TOP 5 potential advertisers
on a your branded TV channel

Throughout the country, our customers find advertisers for their branded TV channels. Mostly these are regional representative offices of famous brands, but there are also well-known local brands. The key difference for advertisers is 100% understanding of who will see their advertising, as well as confidence that it will be watched to the end, because in the business place it is not available to switch the TV channel.
Medical services
Fifth place - medical services. Services of this industry are quite difficult to sell and much depends on the trust of patients and doctors, the reputation of the clinics themselves. In such advertising, it is important to show the "things in their best light" - new equipment, premises and, of course, the results of the working process. Therefore, the TV channels of our customers are in demand from dental clinics, plastic surgery clinics and multi-field clinics. Advertisers especially appreciate the opportunity to show video with sound to the given target audience, which will be in front of the screens for a long time. However, there are not so many advertisers of this field, perhaps due to the fact that I mentioned above - the market is very conservative and reluctant to accept experiments.
Travel agencies
Tourism and education are in fourth place due to the fact that it is better to talk about these services as "Seeing is believing". Beautiful scenery and colorful image help customers make a good choice of vacation package.
SPA salons
Curiously enough, SPA brands occupy the middle of our rating, and not on the top. The fact that the SPA offer a fairly premium service that must be shown at its best. At the same time, the audience should be fairly well-off. On television, both conditions are fulfilled inside the salons - the videos show a beautiful story about the rest, and the visitors are well-off to take advantage of the offer.
Real estate developers
Real Estate Developers see a value in the premium audience because among all advertisers they have the biggest check. Usually new projects are advertised at the final stage of completion.
Car brands
But the "garland of victory" among the advertisers of our customers have always been with auto dealers. The fact is that in contrast to the Real Estate developers, there is much more competition in this market. The struggle is for each separate model and each buyer. And this is despite the fact that the average cost of a car is approximately equal to the cost of a one-room apartment. In other words, a high check with a huge competition creates a demand for advertising services in places of contact with a solvent audience, which can also be found in the business places of our customers.