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Impress your guests with branded TV channel of your venues

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Branded TV is just like ordinary TV,
but only for you and your guests
Promote your menu,
specials and events

Upload videos and images in any format from anywhere in the world any time of the day or night. Or you can simply send them via WhatsApp and choose the display frequency, and everything will be on the screens!
Entertain your guests while they wait for their orders or are nervous
We offer more than 70 hours of special video material for any type of venue to help relax your customers. No "talking heads" on mute, but only customized entertainment videos for your customers' enjoyment.
Connect your social networks and start communicating nonstop
Your branded channel can become a place where you can meet and interact with guests. You can display your guests' feeds from Instagram, Facebook or Vkontakte on your corporate-branded TV channel 24/7.
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And yes. You can forget about
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Management via WhatsApp
Manage your branded TV via your personal
account or instant messengers.
Unique settings
Do you need your ad special to be featured once every 15 minutes or twice during the Friday business lunch? No worries!
Ready-made product
We give you the full start-up kit: equipment, digital signage and video content.
3D logo and screensaver
We create customized screensavers
and 3D logos for free.
Any city round the globe
We DHL broadcasting kitsto any
city right to your door for free.
Remote viewing
Watch your channel via a secure connection
from any device of choice.
Eric Spreat
Manager of the Denis Ivanov
signature-dish restaurants
The thing we value the most at our restaurants is being able create a pleasant environment for our guests so that nothing distracts them from enjoying hearty cuisines and relaxed exchanges.
Eva Kattee
Promotions Director
of MAXIMUS Fitness
We are primarily focusing not on attracting new customers, but on expanding the overall reach of our company cards. The videos that are displayed on the screens are a great way to boost customer loyalty.
Carl Johnson
Marketing Director of the Mother and Child Group of Companies
Mother and Child is firstly a brand that we are carefully cherishing and developing. Excellent video only helps boost our brand and improve customer confidence.
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Edward Kevbrin, CEO of Eggs TV
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