What are the Advantages of a Custom TV Channel
Vs Regular Digital Signage?
by Edward Kevbrin - CEO of Eggs TV
Digital signage is gaining a lot of traction in a huge variety of industries—and for good reason. Digital screens provide the opportunity to incorporate automation, and greatly enhance the visibility and effectiveness of signs, such as DOOH advertising efforts. But what is the best way to use them? How can you maximize their utility and truly make the most of them for your business.

This is where IPTV for B2B—otherwise known as custom TV channels—comes into play.

Imagine that you own a restaurant and your business is doing fairly well, but the ambience of your restaurant could use some help. With digital signage displaying a stream of mouthwatering videos of food being made, interesting and funny videos that make your customers smile, and social media posts showing how satisfied customers appreciate your services, the entire atmosphere of your restaurant will get a major boost—and so will your sales.

Custom TV channels allow you or your customers to create their own continuous stream of content that is fully branded, integrates all of your social channels, includes licensed videos that are engaging and entertaining, showcases images and videos of your products or services, and more.

It's a major upgrade to any existing screens you may have, and can be obtained as an app as opposed to installing an entire new setup. Alternatively, an entire package can be purchased that includes the screens as well as all of the software and services.
How are EggsTV's offerings better than traditional digital signage?
First of all, regular digital signage systems don't come with social media integration or licensed videos. We provide this as a part of our comprehensive service that enhances your digital screens and transforms them into powerful advertising tools that can increase sales by 3%-20%.

Point of sale screens broadcasting your very own custom TV channel will increase interest in your products or services while keeping patrons entertained.
Our service is much more than just software
If you don't already have a network of digital signs, then we can provide you with everything you need. Otherwise, you can simply add our services to what you already have in place.

Included in our comprehensive digital signage solution is:
  • 100 hours of videos (for HoReCa, fitness clubs, clinics)
  • Integration with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • A personal user account for total customization
  • Your own branding throughout all content
  • All necessary equipment or a streaming app if you prefer to use your own
  • Dedicated support when you need it
Why Does All of that Matter? Aren't basic digital signs good enough?
It almost goes without saying how competitive the world of marketing and advertising are. Any advantage you can get over the competition can have an extremely significant impact on your revenue.

The fact is, entertainment videos for venues are engaging, enticing, and can leave a lasting impression. They're incredibly versatile, and can display a variety of content simultaneously. This makes them a very useful way to improve customer opinion of your venue and your services, and in turn, increase sales.

Just think about it, how much more tempted are you when you see a video of a flame-broiled steak being tossed into the air on camera. And this isn't just true with food and beverages. Playing these sorts of videos for virtually any kind of product or service can help the customer make up their mind and go ahead with their purchase.

From sports equipment shops and fitness centers to spas and hair salons, the power of digital signage is only fully realized with the use of a branded custom TV channel with social media integration.
How Does Social Media Integration Help?
According to SearchEngineJournal, customer feedback is one of the best and most impactful ways to advertise your products or services. Not only that, it garners brand loyalty for both the customer who posted about your brand and the readers.

Social proof is one of the strongest convincing factors in life, so when a satisfied customer mentions you in their social media channel, you should highlight it (with their permission of course) on your digital signs. Plus, most customers enjoy having their post displays for potentially thousands of people to see.

This powerful demonstration of the quality of your services combined with atmosphere videos for venues in the same content stream creates a highly effective tandem, which maximizes the potential of your digital signage.
IPTV for B2B is one of the wisest investments you can make for your business in terms of advertising tools. It can really increase engagement and enhance your delivery of things like calls-to-action that can increase sales.

EggsTV can provide you with a top quality digital signage system that includes a custom TV channel of your choice, totally personalized and branded for purpose. You can also integrate our app into existing screens if you prefer.

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us today and we can provide you with an overview of how our comprehensive custom TV services can help you increase revenue.