Frequently asked questions

What is custom TV channel? How is it different from Digital Signage?
It is a system that allows you to remotely control screens, download ads, and use additional content to retain your customers. In addition to the management system, we give access to video channels, connect social networks, and provide convenient tools for managing networks from 1 to 50 institutions. Digital Signage is also a system that allows you to remotely manage your content, but it does not include equipment, content, and ground maintenance. Great for small venues.
How long does it take to launch custom TV channel?
14 days. But a lot depends on the existing amount of video and photo materials, social network accounts and the complexity of connecting to your internal broadcast network.
How much does it cost to connect 1 venue?
We provide all relevant information by reference.
How can I manage my custom TV channel?
You can manage it using a personal account or content manager, you choose the most convenient option. Regardless of the choice, all changes are made in the personal account, where they can be seen online.
How can I upload my files to the TV channel?
To upload information, you can use your personal account or send data to the content manager by mail, Telegram, or WhatsApp. Different ways may be comfortable at different times.
How is the broadcasting performed?
Broadcasting is performed from the control unit installed in your venue and connected to the screens. The control unit requires a socket, an Internet connection (LAN or Wi Fi) and wiring to connect to TVs. You control the content of your TV channel through a personal account or content manager.
I already have a personal account. Why do I still need a content manager?
Content manager is your "guardian angel". He adapts all the materials that you upload to your personal account, monitors the work of the TV channel online, and also helps to create a program schedule. In case you have more than 5 venues, this person will relieve you of the need to independently set the frequency of the video showing, upload and arrange files at different points, replace the video channels.
I have an old network (non-HDMI) at my establishment. Can I use it to connect?
Yes, our engineers will independently solve issues with connection to any possible network.
I am failing to connect. What should I do?
You should call your content manager using a mobile phone number or call to the Customer Support Center hotline (free of charge). You can also write via WhatsApp/Telegram.
Who earns from advertising on my TV?
You. This is your television, which means you can place any advertising via it. In turn, we give you all the license rights to display content that allows you to avoid the claims from authors or rights protection organizations. We can also sell ad at your venue to big media agency. In this case, conditions are discussed separately.
How to find an advertiser for my TV channel? Where should I start searching?
In our experience, current partners or suppliers (alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, dietary supplements or medical products, depending on your industry) can become the best advertisers for you. You can also contact the advertising agencies, which will attract advertisers to be placed in your venue/network for the commission payments in the amount of 20-30%.
How many of your video channels can I put up on my TV?
At the same time you can put no more than 3 video channels from our hosting. This is 3 hours of different videos. You can change channels in your account at any time.
How do I add live sports matches on my TV?
Unfortunately, you cannot do it. We cannot include the broadcast of common TV channels on your TV due to legal restrictions. But there's the way out. You can turn on your TV channel on one TV and broadcast a sports match on the other. The viewer will see both, and no one will break the law.
What is included in the custom TV channel connection kit?
Control Box, HDMI wire, Digital Signage license and access to 80+ hours of entertainment videos.
What video material do you provide? Is it legitimate?
In total, there are more than 80 hours of different videos in 8 themes on our video hosting site (plus we add 2-3 hours of new videos every month). Every venue receives a license agreement from us and
according to it we transfer the rights to show our video publicly. This help to avoids problems with authors and organizations, which protect their rights.
Can I sell advertising on my custom TV channel? How much I can earn?
As a owner of custom TV channel you can sell ads to your suppliers and partners. You don't need to share money with us. As a service we will provide your advertiser with tools to remotely watch at your TV channel from any device and send them reports with confirmation than their ads were shown properly.
How many TVs I am able to connect in one venue? What network is needed?
You can connect any number of TV screens to one Control Unit - 1 or 200. The more TV screens will be connected to your channel, the more advertising effect your ads will take. To connect any number of screens you can use: HDMI cables, ethernet and even coaxial. As a service we will advice you the best option for your particular case.
How long does the connection process take?
The maximum period is 14 days from the date of payment.
In which cities is it possible to connect?
You can choose any city.
Does my contract with you protect me from the claims of authors or rights protection organizations (for example, author societies)?
Yes, since we independently conclude contracts for compensation with the authors, according to which, we receive the rights to publicly reproduce content and sublicense third parties for the broadcasting.