Restaurant chain "Maximilians"

Restaurants are situated in 8 cities.

Half of the files wouldn't run, and no one knew for sure what exactly was on display in every city. The claims of the advertisers for broadcasting guaranties of their ads were increasing.

We created branded TV network - Max TV - to deal with the problems.
Field: food service industry
Quantity of venues: 8
Guests per month: more than 160 000
To create this TV channel we
Worked over more than 50 GB of video
We gathered all videos from all media players and lead them to one resolution and layout.
Created unique personal account and 3D logo
8 programmes of TV broadcast (for each city) were created in personal account; markers for controlling annonces of concerts, managing ads of partners and their own advertisement were allocated.
Prepared the equipment
To operate branded TV we set up control panels in every restaurant. However, every venue has its own network − HDMI or antenna We included extra equipment into package to make the broadcasting even everywhere.
Adjusted common programme schedule
TV channel in every city has its own file set: images, videos and social media. But there are also common files for all the cities. In order to manage all this conveniently, we adjusted the common control system.
Control increased up to 100%
The frequency of video renewal increased
Video editing expenses decreased
What tasks did branded TV complete?
Now the renewal of programme schedule is made online from central office
Titles and inscription are put on video via special programmes, no extra editing required
One can add video into broadcasting in any city every 40 minutes
What we've come up with