Taverns chain Stary Ambar

Taverns chain is situated in several cities of Tatarstan. All taverns are situated in different cities, and that's why it was almost impossible to download and renew video.

To accomplish connection we had to set extra equipment everywhere ($46/tavern) and to go to a lot of efforts. Today Stary Ambar TV is successfully working in several regions of Russia.
Field: food service industry
Quantity of venues: 15
Guests per month: more than 75 000
Stary Ambar special aspects
Simple management in old networks
These taverns were built long ago, and therefore there was a common antenna like in a flat. To connect to this kind of a network we had to buy signal modulating equipment. Thus, we managed to preserve current broadcasting and add one new channel on button №1 - Stary Ambar TV.
Creation of the appropriate atmosphere
People visit Stary Ambar to have a quick snack and drink some beer. Everything is decorated in XX century manner and with Soviet time slogans. To create an appropriate atmosphere we chose right video channels where ads of our client were included. Trailers of the chosen channel are available on YT.
Settlement of issues with RAS and WIPO
Not all restaurants keepers were lucky enough to be friends with RAS and WIPO. We worked over this issue with Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications and included position about the transfer of public rights for content broadcasting into our agreement.
Simple connection to old networks
Settlement of issues with RAS and WIPO
Creation of the appropriate atmosphere
What tasks did branded TV complete?
We didn't have to rewire network; it was enough just to discuss extra equipment
We selected channels about beer, Germany and food at our video library
We assigned rights for videos to secure our clients from claims of RAS and WIPO
What we've come up with