Restaurant chain of Denis Ivanov

Leading restaurant chain of Novosibirsk includes more than 10 venues in Novosibirsk and Moscow.

The goal of Di TV is a simple management of cross-sells in restaurants. It means, if many customers visit one restaurant of our client, we had to find a convenient way to suggest their visiting another one.
Field: food service industry
Quantity of venues: 20
Guests per month: more than 260 000
More about DI TV special aspects
Simple control over screens and video
Each restaurant has its own public and culture, and therefore we decided to create a personal account with several program schedules (broadcasting schedules) for each venue where we added the possibility to set up the frequency and time of showing.
Broadcasting at difficult spots
The venue in Tolmachyovo airport work is limited for the entrance of people without any passes and lacks wire Internet connection, and only common WiFi network works. All these peculiarities made assembling very difficult. We used a common WiFi network not to wire Internet connection and at the same time, we strengthened our antennas on control panels.
Guarantee of screen functioning 24/7
In order to provide extra protection and quickness of support we provided ground technical support, created two operating systems (main and backup ones) and also added into company's policy conditions Sales Level Agreement (SLA).
Simple control over screens and video
Guarantee of screen functioning 24/7
Broadcasting at difficult spots
What tasks did branded TV complete?
Via personal account or content manager indicating frequency and time of showing
For a restaurant in the sterile area of an airport, WiFi antenna system was strengthened
We provided ground technical support to ensure the functioning of TV
What we've come up with