Pub chain PUB Life Group

PUB Life restaurants are great for those who like Ireland and great beer.

This is a quickly developing group, and managers don't have enough free time and resources to simultaneously attract customers and to train staff on all the peculiarities of the screen control.

They contacted us to fully automatize the control of the screens and to create branded TV channel.
Field: food service industry
Quantity of venues: 6
Guests per month: more than 60 000
To create branded TV channel we made
Remote screen control
It's something like a magic trick. Nobody in the pub approached the equipment, and it switches to NTV+ or video camera on stage by itself. And then back to branded TV. It can be done manually or on schedule.
Cross-sells managing via common travelling line
All our clients connect Twitter to TV to instantly inform their clients about new specials and offers. We created one account on Twitter and correct # to ensure easy 100% control for management over cross-sells. For example, #tap&barrelpub or #drunkenduck_forever
Interactive group on FB
Moscow public looks for pubs among friends and acquaintances on FB. By connecting the group to the branded TV for broadcasting responses and comments, we managed to attract the visitors to share their opinion on public and attract attention of their friends to "action" in pubs.
Remote screen control
Group brand promotion
Full control of the cross-sells
What tasks did branded TV channel complete?
In order not to forget about the desired match switching can be planned beforehand
Due to common travelling line in TW the special gets to the pub you need after #
To promote groups in FB easier and cheaper we have connected it to PUB Life TV
What we've come up with