Fitness clubs chain Dr.Loder

Dr.Loder is one of the most famous fitness groups in Moscow. The main public − clients of the premium class.

The clients needed: convenient control, confirmation of the video clips and the possibility for creation of the broadcasting events for photo-reports (at request).

We managed to make all of it and even more possible in branded TV of our client. Below you can see more about TV network Dr. Loder.
Field: fitness and sports
Quantity of venues: 7
Guests per month: more than 56 000
More about Dr.Loder TV special aspects
Remote control for advertiser
We used common DVD players to broadcast the inside content. After the setting of the control panels, everyone who had a login and a password could get an access to the on-going broadcasting of our client without even getting up from the armchair in their office.
Special fashion channels
Dr.Loder's clients like videos about fashion and fashion shows. We created a program schedule filled with exquisite and elegant motives based on our collection. Trailers of the chosen channel are available on YT.
Highlighting of the brand against the rivals
Which of the rivals has their own branded TV channel? Even if many of them do and even if it's our platform, we can find a solution. In this case, the zest which makes Dr.Loder TV unique is a logo.
Remote control for advertiser
Highlighting of the brand against the rivals
Special content on fashion topic
What tasks did branded TV complete?
We offered an opportunity to remotely control the ads without standing up from the armchair
We chose special video channels about fashion and fashion shows at our hosting
To achieve this goal we created a unique animation of 3D logo
What we've come up with