Bochkari restaurant chain

Bochkari is a beer brand well-known outside the Urals and a restaurant chain of the same name, two of which are located in Novosibirsk, one in Barnaul. The chain relies on excellent service, its own brand of beer, and a pleasant atmosphere.

We were invited to the project at the stage of venues opening. The key goal of creating branded TV is the remote upload of beer and partners' ads to the restaurants of the chain, as well as the simple management of all this.
Field: food service industry
Quantity of venues: 3
Guests per month: more than 30 000
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Simple displays and videos management
Not all of our clients use a personal account to manage television. That's the truth. In Bochkari, they use WhatsApp to communicate with the content manager, as well as to coordinate all the materials we produce for television.
Remote control of advertising
Advertising is also becoming easier and more transparent for partners, when they can make sure that there are views. We provided the password and login at the request of our client.
Guaranteed 24/7 displays operation
We found partners for technical support of the Bochkari television operation in Novosibirsk and Barnaul. Together with the service level agreement, this reduced the risk of network errors and problems.
Simple displays and videos management
Guaranteed 24/7 displays operation
Remote control of advertising
What tasks did branded TV complete?
Through a personal account or manager, specifying the frequency and time of display
Advertisers have been granted access for displays remote control
We have provided ground technical support for the TV operation
What we've come up with