Fitness clubs chain Colosseum

The Colosseum is 7 strength clubs in Krasnoyarsk.

The company relies on creating a motivating atmosphere in clubs, as well as 100% availability during the day.

For us, this meant that the creation of the Colosseum TV would require more stimulating video, and it would also be necessary to develop an additional TV design that would allow the brand to further communicate with customers.
Field: fitness and sport
Quantity of venues: 7
Guests per month: more than 105 000
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Simple displays management
Using our platform saves management the trouble of delivering information on flash drives and, like many, gave simple control over the displays through a personal account or content manager. It became easier to open new points, and also managing advertisements in old ones was also not difficult.
Creating the right atmosphere
Unlike other fitness clubs, the Colosseum relies on brutal athletes. And it can be seen in all video channels. Trailers for the selected channels are available on YT.
Brand promotion
For this client, its branded TV is a platform for communication with the guests. Therefore, we, for our part, offered a corporate screensaver, congratulations on holidays and festive decoration of screens for various events.
Simple displays management
Brand promotion
Creating the right atmosphere
What tasks did branded TV complete?
Creating a single network solved the problem of promoting new clubs through the old ones
We picked up special video channels on our hosting about fashion and fashion shows
Prepared a corporate screensaver and greetings for the holidays
What we've come up with