Chain of private clinics Mother and Child

Mother and Child clinics is a federal network with a head office in Moscow, where there are also 5 clinics and 2 hospitals.

Televisions are in common areas and in wards. But fundamentally, Mother and Child TV was created to place advertisements in common areas and create a relaxing atmosphere for those who are waiting for attendance. And we were invited to do this.
Field: medicine
Quantity of venues: 35
Guests per month: more than 350 000
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Simple displays and videos management
Since the clinics are located on the first floors, they have never actually had their own network. Also, no one could offer a reasonably priced method of combining them. Accordingly, it was impossible to show their own ads—neither ordinary pictures nor video. Branded TV solved this problem.
Relaxing patients in line
Medical clinics and hospitals are a place where people initially come tense and nervous. Our task was to choose such content so that the visitors could relax. We chose a relaxing video from our collection and, at first, added music in the lounge style. Trailers for the selected channels are available on YT.
Channel integration in the common multiplex
The small children are very frequent visitors in Mother and Child clinics. So children's channels with cartoons are switched on specifically for them. In order to preserve the broadcasting of children's channels, we connected Mother and Child TV on a free frequency, keeping intact all the other broadcasts.
Simple displays and videos management
Channel integration in the common multiplex
Relaxing patients in line
What tasks did branded TV complete?
We provided our platform and created one program schedule
We prepared relaxing video channels and music for TV
Included the channel in the list of all terrestrial channels for convenient switching
What we've come up with