Black Star Burger

Black Star Burger is a new format for serving black burgers in Russia and the first catering establishment of the Timati team.

When we started working, everything was connected to the computer where one video clip was uploaded. It was impossible to control this remotely, of course, reviews from social networks and menus were outdated, and one of the TVs in the hall was constantly blinking and turned off. So we were invited to solve these problems.
Field: food service industry
Quantity of venues: 1
Guests per month: more than 30 000
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Simple displays and videos management
It was necessary to update the menu every 2 weeks, as well as commercials for clothing and Black Star Wear. But we went further and released the manager not only form the burden of updating the content, but also searching for new Black Star clips, commercials, etc.
Online update of Instagram reviews
Wow camera and TV
In the burger joint, visitors buy not only food, but also emotions. For example, when you order a big burger in the Black Star Burger, fireworks are brought to you. When you order a spicy one —you are shown on TV. It is impossible not to share it with friends! To create such a service, we connected a video camera and branded TV.
Our client has many reviews on Instagram and they are added every day. Previously, they were shown in the video and were obsolete already at the time of the video release. Now we have a separate account where SMM Manager copies the best reviews, from where we take them to the screens online.
Simple displays and videos management
Wow camera and branded TV
Online posting of Instagram reviews
What tasks did branded TV complete?
Our content manager himself began to update the menu, video and all that is needed
A separate account was created, from where we automatically collect the necessary feedback
Everyone who buys a spicy burger gets on TV when a waiter presses the button
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