Fitness clubs chain Maximus

In Kazan, fitness clubs Maximus provide a premium class service. Before we did the job, employees searched videos and clips on the Internet and once every two weeks take them on flash drives to the venues. It was terribly uncomfortable.

Often, there was no time to update and the visitors complained. It was decided to create their branded TV with sound.
Field: fitness and sports
Quantity of venues: 2
Guests per month: more than 40 000
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Simple displays and videos management
Our client downloads video clips, finding new ones on YT. To facilitate video uploading, we directly connect links from YT to the program guide. This can significantly reduce the time to download and update content.
Increasing attention to displays
In addition to video clips, you can post various interesting details on television screens that attract attention. For example, digital clocks, traffic jams, weather, etc. We can create everything that attracts the eye to the advertisement of the institution. In Maximus, it was decided to make a watch with a digital dial in the upper left corner of the screen.
Increase in gym membership sales
In Maximus, they actively use the crawling text and animated advertising for the renewal of subscriptions. Today it is the most effective way to remind about oneself or communicate important information. Each of the 2 clubs has its own account and crawling text.
Simple displays and videos management
Increase in gym membership sales
Increasing attention to displays
What tasks did branded TV complete?
Using our system, they were able to download and update clips from one point
We added clocks and social networks to make guests pay attention more often
We added a crawling text to TV and made animated ads
What we've come up with